Drug Store Review: Revlon Lip Butters

Hey there! So today I thought I would do a review on what could quite possibly be my favourite drugstore lip product! if you have any comments and whatnot, be sure to leave them down below! xoxo

Revlon Lip Butters
Oh ma gawd. These are fricking amazing! From the colour payoff, to the moisture...and long wear...ahhh they are just simply amazing. No other way to put it. The formula goes on nice and creamy, and it glides perfectly. You can also adjust how light or how intense you want the colour to be by layering. 

The packaging is super cute and it has a nice, textured, vintage feel to it. They are also very portable (obviously). They are great if you just want to throw one in your purse or something, since application is a breeze. 

The colour selection is simply amazing! There are shades for everyone! My favourite ones are down below. 

As you can see, the colours really can vary. I am actually a HUGE fan of 050 cupcake, as it looks so cute and has a very nice pastel hue. Number 053 Sorbet is a very versatile colour that goes well with several make up looks, and for something a little daring i recommend number 075 Lollipop. It is more of a deep purple-ish pink, with undertones of fushia, and it is amazing if you want to go for a more dramatic look. 

As for long-wear, these products are alright, but you may have to re-apply your lipstick possibly once or twice throughout the day. Ofcourse, your daily activities will effect this, for example, once you eat or drink water there is a chance that it may come off...but I don't really tend to have issues with this. I mean, pretty much all lipsticks come off once you eat something right? ;)  

The application is very simple, and these lip butters really moisturize your lips, while providing great colour! I know a lot of people rave about products such as the Maybelline "Baby lips" when it comes to a "moisturizing" lip product yet it doesn't seem as if they provide adequate colour...and several people claim that they are "drying" to a point where you have to re-apply the product often. I personally haven't tried them yet, but I will be sure to do so! What makes the Revlon Lip butters unique is that they provide colour like a lipstick, and moisture like a lip balm. It's a perfect combination! 

revlon lip butters swatches

If you look at the Revlon website, an apparent 94 percent of women "felt lips were softer, smoother, and instantly hydrated"

Here is some more information about them: (taken from their website)

- Hydrating mango, shea and coconut butter formula boosts lip moisture by 156%- Pampering gel formula provides super charged hydration and glides on lips buttery smooth

The price (in Canada) hovers around 8 - 9 dollars when not on sale, and this of course depends on where you purchase the lip butters. Personally, I think this is a little bit too much....so I tend to wait until these go on sale before I purchase any. 

All in all, these are simply amazing! If you want something sheer, you can gravitate more towards the lighter tones, and vice-versa, there are some pretty dramatic colours as well. You can easily build up your colour (which is what I do with the lighter shades) if you
want a more obvious look as opposed to a sheer one. 

Tip: To get a fuller colour, apply a clear, or lighter lip balm underneath. I find this has the same effect as applying a white coat of nail polish before you go in with your colour of choice. The white base livens up the colour, and likewise, the lip balm acts like a "blank canvas" of sorts as it covers your lips with a balm that can provide greater colour when any lip product is applied over top. 

Rating:      /5


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