Drug Store Review: Covergirl CLEAN Oil-Control Foundation

Soooo (awesome news!) I am going to EUROPE SOON!!! woot!!! I am super excited! I have never been over-seas before...and I am sure this will be a once in a life-time experience. Can't wait!! :D

But that is besides the point. Recently I ran out of my holy grail foundation (the Covergirl 3 in 1 foundation) so I was at the drug store the other day looking to buy another one. However, knowing that I am going to France soon... I know that I am most likely going to buy some awesome foundation ever there...and I just need something to use until then...I wasn't willing to pay the regular $12.99 for my usual foundation (call me cheap...but I'm saving my money for clothes!!) so I was looking around for alternatives. I was kind of scared to try anything new, for fear of breaking out or something. However, the packaging for this foundation seemed promising.

covergirl clean oil control foundation

First off, you are greeted by the word: "CLEAN". I mean, who wouldn't want a "clean" face? Or a "clean" conditioner? It already sounds promising! And it claims to also have "oil-control" which is always appreciated by someone like me who gets oily faster than you'd imagine.

I have been wearing this for a couple days now...and so far no breakouts. (yay!) The coverage is also pretty nice! I would say it has medium coverage, but you can build it to get a more fuller coverage. (shown below)

covergirl clean oil control foundation

Of course, I do have a fair amount (to say the least) of blemishes on my face (actually...it has been getting significantly better....I hope I didn't just jinx that....) and they can not be compared to a smooth liner. This foundation is amazing when it comes to evening out your skin tone, and covering redness and discoloration. As for blemishes...it is alright. Nothing to special...yet again you can always put another layer onto your problem areas.

As mentioned before, I wouldn't recommend doing this, just because this can really clog up your pores. If you want to cover up any other blemishes just stick to a concealer instead of putting another layer of foundation on your face. As lightweight as it is..it really isn't recommended. I find if I ever do that I become much more prone to breakouts.

covergirl clean oil control foundation

 This foundation is really matte, and it blends seamlessly. I have been wearing it all day not and I have't really gotten shiny. The oil control isn't as good as the 3 in 1 foundation, yet it is still pretty amazing, Another amazing thing is the fact that this foundation was only 7 dollars with tax! That is incredible!

Personally, I like to splurge more when it comes to face products, because I mean, think about it. I don't want "cheap" products on my face...products that are made cheaply can cause you to get irritation or blemishes. They also don't tend to blend well...or they just look "cheap"..does that make sense? So I recommend using a more higher-end primer with this. I used my Smashbox photo finish more than primer blemish control primer. (This has also helped with my acne issues a lot). However this product has really surprised me since it was really inexpensive. It truly performed like a more expensive foundation.

What does bother me however, is the packaging. What is it with companies putting their foundations in tubes..with no pumps! This makes it very inconvenient to get product out of the bottle. You either get too little product, or too much...so product is wasted. What I do is I store it upside down, so that way when I take the cap off the product is already  by the opening.

-good selection of colours
-controls oil well
-matte finish

-Can get a little cakey if you apply more than one layer (which isn't recommended anyways)
-Packaging: There is no pump!! uuugh!

Rating:     ❤ /5


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