Hey guys! If you know me on a personal level, you know that one of my greatest pet peeves, regards  clothing itself. Shocker right? Okay, so let me just get this straight. There are generally two types of clothing that are commonly purchased. There are the "FADS" and then there is clothing that is actually fashionable. And there is nothing that I hate more than seeing the teenage population wear pretty much the same outfit, except maybe in a different colour and whatnot. But first, a quick definition:

what is a fad?(sarastyle): Something that is worn by a bunch of people with absolutely no sense of style, so they just copy what other people are wearing. Typically portrayed by the plastic girls at school. A couple examples regard Hollister, Abercrombie, you get the jist.

what is fashion?(sarastyle): A way of expressing oneself via clothing articles. Basically, the exact opposite of a fad. However, some fashion can become a fad, but a fad will never be fashionable. Make sense? ofcourse it does ;P 

kay so...can anyone tell me why these are still "in"? I remember a couple years ago, I wanted a pair of f**king 200 dollar uggs....god..those were horrible days -_-.
I don't know where you live, but I live in Canada, and maybe it is just because Canadians are slow when it comes to fashion, but everyone is still wearing these! It is almost like they can't let go of the fad. Personally, I don't think they are very fashionable... Sure, they look comfy enough, but seriously, they are just not very flattering. They are the equivalent to pajama pants, comfy, sure, but not trendy. I mean, wouldn't these people look so much more sophisticated if they were wearing some more elegant boots? Some rider boots per se? I am actually kind of liking those. And the thing is, these boots are horrible for your feet! You have no idea how many girls walk lopsided at my school, oh god it is embarrassing ;P I recommending buying some insoles if you truly want a pair. But it's just the fact that literally every "cool" girl is wearing these...only truly because all of the "cool" people are wearing them..and that is what makes a fad. It doesn't have to look good...it just....has to be worn by....."cool" people.....yeahhhh that's why I hate fads -_-
Also, someone please tell me why these trashy sequinned plastic pieces of sh*t are worth 200 dollars. Please?


Yesss! I am loving the looks of these! There was a lot of buzz concerning these amazing boots in the summer, yet no one really wore them as much. Now that the weather is getting chillier, these boots are simply perfect. They are very wearable, and they complete basically any outfit. Whether you want to go grunge, or girly, there are many different styles of these boots to accommodate your tastes. I got a pair of red canvas styled ones, and I may possibly save up to purchase another pair for the winter. I'm thinking...floral pattern...or maybe go for a classic black...hmmm

The quality of these boots are amazing as well! You can easily wear them for more than a year, and they can be worn in any season! Pair them with black skinnies and an army jacket in the fall to "fall" (god that is cheesy) in line with the punky vibes that are evident everywhere. Wear them in the winter, with a parka, and still look like a boss. Wear them in the spring, with a cute floral dress and some tights. And in the summer, with your favourite pair of high wasted jeans and a crop top. Any season, whatever the weather, you are good to go.
<--- I got a pair of these ^.^ now i need                                                                              some more heavy duty ones ;P 

The prices are also not as ludicrous as the uggs, for better quality, the prices are really not that bad! I got mine for 100 dolars, and the prices typically range from $100 - $150. Uggs are notoriously known for getting salt stains on them (for melting the snow up here in the great old north), and they just wear badly. They don't typically last a year without losing their quality.

But yeah, I just think these boots add a little edge, and style to any outfit. You should definitely go check them out! And please...don't go buying any uggs...we are done with those. Ugg! (see what I did there?... pshhh of course you did!) :D|

disclaimer: These pictures are not mine. Juuust sayin


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