High End Review: Clinique chubbystick shadow tint for eyes

Oooh my first high-end (ish) product review! whatwhaaaat! Alrighty, truthfully, long story short....I am actually somewhat disappointed with this product. I wasn't intending on buying it, but when the saleslady at my Clinique counter said that there was this special promotion going on, I decided to go with it. To tell you the truth, I thought that I was buying the chubby stick for your lips, which I was curious to try out...so you can imagine that I was quite surprised when I opened up the packaging, pulled off the lid and was greeted by a light, pastel coloured, eye shadow textured applicator. It took me a while to realize that I had bough a chubby stick for your eyes...and not your lips...my bad ;)

clinique chubby stick shadow tint for eyes
Nevertheless, I was eager to try out this interesting eye shadow (by the way I got shade "07 pink and plenty" which the Clinique saleslady said was very popular). I searched online to see how people used in, and if it was actually any good. Unfortunately, I found a lot of reviews claiming that the formula was weird..and made people's eyelids greasy and just didn't stay on well. Several people recommended using eyelid primers and other paraphernalia.
clinique chubby stick shadow tint for eyes

Well, unfortunately it seemed as if what most people were saying was true. The formula of the stick felt incredibly oily and creased as soon as I applied it! I know, crazy right! After blending it out a little it wasn't too oily looking....yet the colour was rather sheer.

 I did not apply any other eye shadows...just this chubby stick. Above is what you see after applied precariously and after being blended out.

What I found interesting was that the colour seemed to turn into more of a peachy beige as opposed to the soft pink that it claimed to be once it was blended out. The "blended out" colour is more of what you get when you apply it to your lids. I'm not sure what I feel about this...if I buy a certain colour...I want to get THAT colour when I apply it...isn't that the point of purchasing the colour in the first place?

clinique chubby stick shadow tint for eyes
It would be cute for a lid colour...if the formula wasn't so damn oily! Ahaha it is actually kind of irritating! When I put it on I could already feel my eyelids getting all disgusting and oily....if that makes any sense. And I don't even have oily eye lids...so I can imagine that this would be a problem for people that DO have them. 

However, I have been using this colour on my inner corners (sparingly) and it does add a nice, soft pop of colour that instantly brightens my eyes. So I do like it for that purpose...yet I know I can use a lot of other products that would be able to produce the same benefits (and more!) for a fraction of the price.

-very oily
-creases easily...EVEN with eyelid primer
-can completely change colours when blended

-looks nice for an inner-corner colour

PRICE: I payed 22 (ish) dollars for this (with tax) (I'm Canadian eh?)

Ofcourse..I have only purchased one of these..maybe the other colours turn out better....but for now I have many other products that I will be using instead of this one. It isnt a completely horrible product...but for the price..I don't know. I think there are many other better alternatives. 

Rating:     /5


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