How I keep my hair from looking greasy!

No one likes greasy hair. No one. Yet a lot of people get greasy hair easily, and quickly. I am a prime example. Though my hair doesn't turn oily immediately, it can appear greasy especially after the first day. Here are some tips on how to keep your hair looking healthy and clean looking until your next shower!

Even though you may want to, try sticking to cleaning your hair every 2 to 3 days (depending on how oily your hair appears). I, personally, wash my hair every other day. Washing your hair basically strips it of any excess oils that it may have accumulated, both natural and from products and whatnot. At least, that is what a shampoo does, a conditioner helps restore the oils that may have been lost. However, it can not fully recover all of the oils that were stripped away, and an excessive amount of conditioner can just make your hair look even more oily! Which completely defies the point of washing your hair! So no matter how oily your hair looks, try not to wash it too often. Try to wash your hair with a "cleansing" shampoo every once in a while too. These shampoos dry your hair out more, yet they really get rid of all of the gunk that gathers on it throughout the week (from products and such).


Yes, I know, some of us just can not simply live without our volumizing mousse, and our straightening gel, but overloading on products adds more weight to your hair, and also, more oil. Yes, oil does make your hair look more healthy and shine, yet too much will just make it look too greasy, if you know what I mean. Try sticking with a minimal amount of products per use, I would say no more than three. I usually go for: a) a mousse of some sort, b) a protective spray, c) a dollop of some sort of oil (to finish any look) :D Also be sparing with your products, 5 gallons of heat protective spray will not work better than a little amount. Remember, a little goes a long way!

3. (this is a toughie...) DON"T TOUCH/BRUSH YOUR HAIR OFTEN!

Yeah, this is hard for me too. You may be often tempted to fix up your hair throughout the day...who am I kidding, I can't pass a mirror without being tempted to fix my hair... But it isn't really that great of an idea. Touching your hair often (especially when you have just finished eating some greasy food) will just transfer any excess oil from your hands, onto your hair. (psst, same thing goes with your face. Great way to avoid getting breakouts: don't touch your face, you don't want any more oil on there!) Try using a brush to remove tangles, not your hands. And even then, try not to brush too often. Brushing acts as a stimulus to the oil glands, which will only further promote the making of oil. I'm afraid you are just going to have to deal with it. ;P


AHHH my fav! Okey, so if you are like me, and waiting 2 days before you wash your hair is totally out of the question, then I would like you to meet one of my bffs (not literally, calm down). If you haven't heard of it, it is called dry shampoo. Basically, this will refresh your hair in-between washes. Spray this on your roots, wait a while, then brush it off, and your greasies will be gone :D This also adds volume, so what more can you ask for? My oersonal favourite is this one by dove (shown above). It is very affordable (you can purchase it at your local drugstore) and works amazingly! It does not leave a white cast (like some dry shampoos do), and it is very volumizing. I also recommend "Batiste", as it also comes in specialty formulas, such as one specifically for brunettes, or blonds, etc. But yeah, if your hair is really greasy, this is perfect for you.

If you shower at night, all of the oils will accumulate while you sleep. This makes it so that your hair isn't that fresh for the morning, as it was washed several hours before. While you sleep, your hair may get in your face, and accumulate more oil from there. Try sleeping with a bun, to keep your hair from collecting any unnecessary oil from your face. This also ensures that your face will remain oil free, because if your like me, you really don't need any shampoo and conditioner remnants sneaking on to your face ;P

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