My thoughts on: NEW converse Maison Martin Margiela collection

I hate it when brands do this. Okay, so, I like converse. Do I own a pair? No. (do I want to? Yes! But that is besides the point). Converse are known for being very wearable, preppy, and always in style. There are several colours and styles for everyone, and that is what really makes them awesome ;P Another great thing about them, is that they are affordable! Prices usually range between 50 - 60 dollars. However... this Paris-based fashion house by the name of Maison Martin Margiela has collaborated with Converse and made a special type of shoe...
This new type of converse, is basically a classic converse shoe, covered in paint. That is all. I mean, I am so sorry, but why is that worth 200 dollars?!?! The paint is supposed to be "artfully flecked"( so that it comes off uniquely, in response to the wearer's actions. I guess it does sound kind of neat, that there are no two pairs alike, as the shoes change appearance due to the movements of the individual wearing them, but is it really worth the money? The paint chips and reveals the colours of the original converse underneath. These colours come in the classic converse colours, (black, navy, red etc). Soooo....wouldn't it be easier to just purchase a pair of classic converse ($60) and drench them in white paint?? Sure, paint costs money too, but its not worth more than $140, I can assure you ;) 

So, truthfully, I think these are kind of stupid. I guess you really are paying for the label, but why bother. This is a perfect DIY project, don't you think? :D The thing is, it doesn't even have a label. You know what I mean, how many of you guys have seen those (freaking) Hollister seagulls on clothing? Or those Abercrombie Moose? (Meese? Mooses? Meeses?) What that is, is basically showing everyone how wealthy you are, because you just spent 80 bucks on a fucking tank top with a seagull on it. It displays wealth. I get it. Yes, it is stupid, but this is how society works, and we have to deal with it. Well, this type of shoe doesn't even come with a label. There is nothing on the outside of the shoe, that indicates that they are designer shoes. To everyone else, they just looked like converse dipped in white paint. And that is (sadly) all that they are. So it is really no use spending all of that money for the label, when it isn't even remotely present. Pssshh, you can buy Micheal Kors boots for 200 bucks, and I don't know about you, but THAT, I would buy. 


  1. Wonderful post...I like your blog.^^
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    Let me know follow you then back.
    Lovely greets Nessa

  2. hollister is exactly what that is. they smack their logo on anything even plain t-shirts and it's automatically $40 =___=

    1. I know...hence why I kinda hate those brands...sorry..toooo mainstream..soo not hip anymore ;P (again, just my opinion). Good fashion doesn't have to be over priced :)

  3. it's actually in my opinion worth the money since the shoe is the higher end 1970 converse that by itself retails for $85 The inside also has leather that makes the shoe not even feel like a converse.





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