November Favourites! (2013)

Hey there!
Oh my god it has been a long time! Wow I am a bad blogger ;p
Sooo I just got back from Europe! yaaah! It is amazing to be back <3 I have a couple posts coming up related to that trip and the fashion/products and whatnot soo yeah...look out for those!

Now without further a due, I am going to be doing these "favourites" posts. where I talk about the things that I have been loving during the certain month that I am talking about. So, here are my NOVEMBER favourites: :D

1. Favourite Nail Polish:
O.P.I's "God save the Queen's Nails"(left) & "An affair in Red Square"

I absolutely love the formulation of O.P.I nail polishes! It's no wonder they are used at professional salons ;p The formulation is very thick (as it is gel-based) and it can last for up to 5 days without chipping (at least on my nails) -without a top coat! I like the colour on the left for a more autumnal look, as it plays in with all of the dark lips and dark smokey eyes that are present in this season. Being only 16, I find that dramatic smokey eyes are just too much for me, and I am not exactly comfortable with suuuper dark lips, so this is my way of changing up my physique in regards to the "dark" trend. The colour on the right is amaaazing for a more winteryish look. The finish is very shiny, and does not need a top coat at all. As I mentioned before, the formulation is very thick, so I don't even need to apply a second coat! Nailpolishes that look decent in just one coat are always in my good books because I am probably the most impatient person when it comes to painting my nails. Ain't nobody got time for that ;P

2. Make-up Favourites

Benefit's "They're Real" Mascara
This is just a sampler size (retail price: approx & $10) but so far it has lasted practically all month (-take note I don't wear makeup every single day).   I am not usually one to believe in hype for products, but I must say, this mascara is AMAAZING. Everyone and their mother talks about Benefit's "They're Real", and how amazing a mascara it is, which sparked my interest in it. However, the $29 price tag was a total turn off ;P ahaha. I got this sample size in a bundle from benefit, so I decided to give it a try. This mascara is super lengthening and volumising at the same time, though I would say it is more lengthening. I am not really super crazy over mascara, so I am not into putting on several coats of it. However, if I do put on more than one or two coats of this mascara, I find that it can get a little bit flaky, and kind of spidery. If that's your thing, then I recommend this, ahah ;) But I really like the fact that this mascara is both volumising and lengthening. Most mascara's are one or another. Would I purchase this in the full size? Hell naww to pricey! It really is too bad that it is overly priced, because this really is a wonderful mascara.

Revlon's ColourStay eyeliner in black-brown.
I like using brown eyeliners in the fall months, just because I think it produces a softer look. This allows me to play around with darker eye shadows without going over-board on my eye makeup as a whole. I love the Revlon colour stay line, and their eyeliners are no disappointment. I would't definitely recommend this particular colour for people that want a darker eye liner, but don't want to commit to using black, as if not applied correctly, it can look harsh. This formulation also works wonderfully in the waterline and tight line.

Urban Decay's Naked Basics Palette
I picked this little guy up in the Sephora in Paris :) Virtually everyone talks about this products, so yeah, I am sorry to say I was late to jump on the bandwagon for this one ;p But, if you know me, you know that I refuse to believe hype. I think a lot of things, whether in the fashion industry or the makeup industry, are falsely acused of being awesome. Ahaha it is true though! I can not count the number of times I bought something because everyone said it was awesome, and it turned out to be a huge disappointment. But rest assured, this is some hype that I am glad that I succumbed to. Urban Decay eye shadows are said to be notably velvety and smooth. These are no exception. All of the shades are neutral, and matte (as opposed to shiny and whatnot), which fits in nicely with the looks that I normally do. These shades are perfect for everyday wear, and they are even a great base for more daring looks. If you start of with a look from this palette, and then add a pop of colour on top of this look, the bottom, matte layer will allow the colour to truly pop. The colours apply smoothly, and can be easily blended out, something that is usally a problem when it comes to using matte shades. Of course, the colours are highly pigmented as well, a complete must for any eye shadow. I also like using "crave" (the darkest matte black shade) as a substitute for black eyeliner on my lid (as it again, creates a softer look). It looks nice in the waterline as well. All in all, this is a an amazing little palette (can we just take a moment to appreciate the beautiful packaging?) that is super portable, and perfect for any type of makeup. Totally worth the $32 dollars. That is like paying 5.30 per shade!

3. Favourite Scent: "Closer" By Halle Berry
I actually got this scent for Christmas last year, and I still absolutely love it! For some reason, I get very nostalgic when it comes to scents. Whenever I smell a certain scent for the first time, I will forever remember that particular moment and/or time. So, whenever I smell this perfume, I am reminded of the Christmas season last year, and the happy memories that (naturally) came with it. Whenever I spray this on myself, I am reminded of those happy times, so that's why I have been particularily been loving it this season. I guess you could say it is making me exited for Christmas! woot! haha ;) It has a very "fresh" yet "warm" scent to it...if that makes any sense. It has more of a woodsy and musky scent to it, so it is definitely more of a fall/winter scent, (though I will say I think there are some floral notes in the perfume as well). Because of the "fresh" scent that it has, I would say that it is perfect for the daytime, and it isn't super strong, so you don't have to worry about being over powering and whatnot ;)

4. Favourite Fashion Piece(s).

Beaniessss and Scarves!

I am trying to get more into accessories this season, so I got a couple of beanies while in Europe! Nothing too fancy, just a couple knit ones :) I got coloured ones, just to add a pop of colour to a basic outfit, and may I just god beanies are super comfyyy! I have been missing out ;) (Pssst, they are also good for hiding greasy hair! ahaha aaand bad hair days -come on...we all have those every once in a while). They add a nice, relaxed look to an outfit, and they really are a must have for the colder months. These particular beanies are rather thick, so it is great for warming up your ears! Hehe, hey, I live in Canada okay? It's cooolddd here! I also have liked wearing scarves. The ones that I have aren't very thick though, so I will have to purchase thicker ones for the winter! Don't worry, these scarves are decently sized, because I actually kind of hate it when people buy these pathetic tiny scarves that just look kind of...odd...I dunno that's just my opinion ;) Haha, if you are going to buy a scarf, buy a scarf! Not a dish towel ;P I think patterned scarves are kind of nice too, as they also add a pop of graphic-ness to an outfit. My cross scarf is probably my favourite one :)

5. Favourite Song?

Panic At The Disco's "Casual Affair" (From their newest album: Too weird to live, too rare to die)

AAA fangirling ;P Ahaha sorry but this song is awesome. I am not going to lie, I kind of prefer PATD's older album's, but I will say that there are some epic songs in their newest album. One of my favourite's being "Casual Affair". (No! I do not believe in casual affairs! BAAD!..ahaha but that isn't the meaning of the song. You should check it out!) 
This song has been stuck in my head for so long! And oh my god Brendon Urieeee <3 
.....* composes self * ..... sorry ;P

Whew..that's! I hope you guys enjoyed! Leave a comment down below and tell me what you have been loving for this month of November! I would love to hear! See you guys soon byeeee <3

(Psst, happy Sally? I updated my blog! Ahahah) ;P


  1. I love the naked basics palette! Have you tried the other Naked palettes?

    1. Actually, no, I haven't! I was debating purchasing the original Naked palette but the cost really through me off...maybe some day I'll get it though! Especially with the release of the Naked 3 and whatnot!





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