How to style: Fall/Winter Neutrals!

Fall Neutrals by scantmeraz 

The items above are what I have been particularly loving this fall/winter season. Neutrals are going to be very "en trende" this fall and winter, which is right up my alley! Remember, pair your neutral outfits with a little pop of pattern or print just to add a hint of originality to any outfit.

 I have recently been obsessed with my pair of indigo pants that I purchased at Forever 21 in 'Murica. They are suuuper tight, and hence look very flattering. They aren't tight in the way that they cut off the circulation in the legs, but rather in a way that hugs your legs comfortably. The indigo colour is a neat twist on a neutral darker jean colour, and I find that it really looks good with white and/or creme coloured tops. 

One of my favourite creme sweaters is from Pimkie, which is an amazing European fashion store that I stumbled upon during my many travels in Europe. (for those interested, here is the website: The clothing in Pimkie kind of reminds me of Forever 21/ H&M, yet with surprising good quality, and original patterns. I also got a colour-blocked sweater from there :D A colour blocked top also adds a bit of dimension to a neutral outfit.

To add extra detail into a neutral outfit, it is also important to accessorize and wear articles of clothing with a little bit of detail. For example, wearing boots with a buckle, intricate lace designs,or even a lot of laces, adds a grunge twist to what would normally be a classic ensemble. Tanned brown boots are always a neutral staple, I suggest investing in a nice pair of combat or rider boots, as they can be worn year round really. Patterned scarves are also perfect for adding pattern and texture. My favourites have been a crossed one, and a Burberry -inspired patterned one. Of course, accessorizing with a printed bag and/or unique earrings also makes a neutral outfit more interesting.

Of course, no neutral look is complete without a somewhat neutral looking eye ;P I recommend the urban decay naked palette (which I have been looving!). I use benefit's "stay don't stray" eye primer as well. This primer keeps my eye makeup on all day without creasing :D

Fall/Winter Neutral essentials:

-dark coloured pants
-creme/white sweater
-neutral eye shadow
-dark/tanned boots

To spice up Neutrals:
-printed scarves
-printed bags
-unique details to shoes
-colour-blocked sweaters
-original earrings

What are some of your favourite ways to wear your neutrals? :)


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