My Thoughts On: Eleven Paris Mustache Tees

 Hey guys! It's Sara!

So, as many of you guys know, I recently got back from Europe! One thing that I noticed a lot of people wearing were these.....these T-shirts with celebrities sporting pointer fingers elaborately decorated with....a mustache... I haven't seen any at all here in Canada, but they are seriously "en trend" in Europe! I saw then all throughout France and Spain. The col thing about these T-shirts, is that they are unisex apparel! Whether you are a guy or a girl, you can wear this unique graphic Tee with the celebrity of your choice on it. Plus they have a finger mustache! That's just awesome!

(above: model wearing ElevenParis Tee shirt of Robert Patterson, above left: Rihanna T-shirt, left: Barack Obama getting his swag on)

From Mickey Mouse, to ...* shudder*... the Beibs, Eleven Paris has you covered ;P I personally think that this is a very neat idea! I am always one to love a nice graphic tea. The fact that these well known public figures are not only featured on these Tees, but they have mustaches, only adds to the awesomeness of these Tees. They also give off a nice vintage, original feel. They can be layered under a leather jacket for some added spunk, or worn alone for an eccentric look. 

The only problem about these graphic tees, is the fact that they are worth roughly 39 euros, so roughly 56 Canadian Dollars...which kind of sucks. In my opinion, this is really too expensive. These T-shirts are unique, and trendy, yet the price tag is really what seals the deal. These prices come directly from the website, but I am sure you can find an ElevenParis Tee shirt elsewhere for a cheaper price :) Though you must keep in mind, this is a famous designer brand, and a hefty price is to be expected.

What do you think about these Tees? Are they worth the price? And celebrity would you like to have on your T-shirt? Haha, talk to you later guys. byeeee -Sara

Visit the website here: for more details :D


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