Winter Fashion 2014

Hey there! So, winter is almost here, and that means that it is time for a trend update!  I am going to be focusing on just four trends, as I find these are the most wearable, especially if you are a teenager (like me). But teenager or not, these trends are very versatile, and simply perfect for the winter season :D

1. Tartan!
As mentioned in my Nail trends post, tartan is going to be extremely popular this winter.Weather you wear it in small proportions, (like a small decal on some cute flats), or you go all out and wear a tartan dress, the pattern is very flattering. The red undertones in particular play in nicely with the festive colours seen in the winter. I just think that tartan (as opposed to plaid)itself is just very winter appropriate.

(above left: Saint Laurent, Middle: Chirstian Dior, above right: Versace)

Tartan is literally dominating the winter runways. The best thing about this trend? You can literally wear any article of clothing with it, and it will not look odd. Shirts, jumpers, jeans, skirts,'re basically covered.

2. Punk!
Another common trend is going to be punk-styled apparel. The punk attire seen on the runways can be a little bit intimidating, yet you can always tone these trends down. Try adding a studded bracelet, or pair of black motto boots to your outfit to add those extra "punky vibes"

(above left: Haider Ackermann, Middle: Saint Laurent, above right: Versace)

Bold metallic are also a great way to make an outfit more "punk". What are some of the things that you like to do to make our outfit more edgy?

"On Wednesdays, we wear pink"
But not in this case! Pink is very trendy this winter and it plays in nicely with the pastel hues of the snowy weather. Why not add a light pink purse for a hint of girly ness? Or wear a berry pink top for a classic spin. If you aren't too into the whole pastel thing, try a dusty rose colour for a vintage look. 
(above left: Carven, Middle: DKNY, abofe left: Roksanda Ilincic)

Luckily, pink is a very wearable colour, and is flattering on all skin tones. So, if you aren't into punk apparell, why not go for the polar opposite, and wear some pink? ;P aahaha

4. Pastels
As I mentioned before, pastels and creme colours are seriously always "en trende" for the winter. These colours just fit in with the whole wintery atmosphere...much like how bold, fierce colours are "in" during the summer, muted, pale pastels are "in" during the winter. 

So yeah. These trends are very wearable, and just so perfect for this winter. Which is your favourite trend? Personally, I am excited to get some more pastel coloured clothing, I just think pastels are super adorable <3 Talk to you guys later. byeee


  1. Mean girls reference! loooove <3





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