Back to School -Second Term/Semester

Back to School -Second Term/Semester by scantmeraz

Before you guys question my mentality and wonder why I am doing a "back to school" post in the middle of the school year....allow me to explain that (if you are in high school like me) the first semester has pretty much come to an end. In a couple days, semester two will start up, with new classes and experiences alike. I thought I would do a quick post about what fashion pieces and makeup products have been inspiring me this winter term. I look forward to trying out new things, what about you guys?

Lets start with this first!

I find that I tend to wear a lot of nude or slightly pink lip colours whenever I go to school. I like my outfit and hair to be the center of attention, not my lips. This also lets me experiment more with eye makeup. You seriously can't go wrong with a nude lip, as it is very subtle and flattering. My favourite shade is a cult classic, "creme cup" by mac

Another classic. I recently got this one by smashbox that I am loving! It is waterproof and stays on all day. Winged liner is just perfect for school days. It makes it look like you actually put some effort into your makeup..when you really didn't. ;P or hey, maybe you did, who knows? ;) 

Nude lips are perfect for this winter/spring semester since it will compliment the pastel trend very nicely. The light hue also fits in with the light, soft colours of nature during the winter. The black eyeliner can amp up your makeup look without having to put too much effort into it, because aint nobody got time for dat when you have to get to your class in time.

Lets stick with three "P"' 's for efficiency

I am definitely going to be sporting some printed leggings this semester. I like minimalist colours (such as black white and grey) on my prints (especially on my bottoms) so that I have the freedom to wear a more complex top if I wish to. Prints just add liveliness in any situation. They are a great way to delicately venture out of your comfort zone, so if you aren't willing to go all out, try wearing some printed leggings. A printed top is also perfect for this type of weather. I am still on the hunt fro the perfect tartan top! I'm thinking something with a collar..and slightly cropped...lets see if I ever find it ;)

To go along with the soft undertones of winter, the colour pink is trending on the runways. (Check out my Winter Fashion post!) I think that out of all the new winter trends, wearing pink is the most wearable. I'm not talking about overrated (and over priced!!) Victoria's secret Pink...I'm not talking about harsh, blinding neon coloured pink...but rather a soft, feminine pink. If "girly" stuff isn't up your alley, try a dusty rose instead. Pink is very wearable, and goes with a lot of colours, so when it's time to go to class and you don't have all the time in the world, you can't go wrong with a bit of pink :D

Can you tell that I am kind of obsessed with this trend? From creamy pastels, to coloured ones, I just think they look so cute ^.^ When the second semester starts I am going to definitely be wearing more pastels. I want to change up my look a bit to make it a bit more girly...we'll see how that goes :D

These are the things that I am going to we wearing (fo sho) come the second semester. What has been inspiring you to make a wardrobe change?


  1. I love creme cup too (; Wonderful post

    1. Thanks! Yeah creme cup has to be my favourite lipstick shade of all time. :)





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