December Favourites! (2013)

Hey there! It's time for my monthly favourites! Sorry, but I actually don't have too many items this month *sorry!* >.< Oh well, lets get started!

1.Favourite nail polish:
Essie's "rock the boat"

I have been loving this pastel blue in particular this month because it just goes so well with any neutral colours, and it compliments the wintery-pastel fad very nicely. The problem with essie nail polishes I find, is that they can be a little bit streaky when applied, so be extra careful! However, if you have enough patience (which I like, never then the colour payoff is really worth it.

2. Favourite makeup items:
Benefit's "Girl meets pearl" 

I really like mixing in a little bit of this liquid pearl illuminator with my under eye concealer just to add a bit of brightness to my complexion. I also like to use this on the bridge of my nose :D During the winter, I like to liven up my complexion by using illuminators, and I have been particularly been liking this one. 

 Mac Prep and Prime Translucent Pressed Setting Powder

For some reason, my skin has been behaving HORRIBLY this month, and it has been very oily. I find that if I use this on my T-zone I will stay matte for a longer period of time. Lol, yes that's me in the reflection..awks ;P Anyways, this product is very finely milled, so it doesn't produce a powdery finish (which is always good!).

4. Clinique's advanced concealer.
As I mentioned, my skin has been acting up lately. I have been breaking out like crazy! :( So, whenever I have a bad case of acne, I refer to my favourite heavy duty concealer -this one. It has super high coverage, yet still blends in smoothly. It is literally perfect :D

3. Favourite Hair Product:
L'oreal Paris Moisture infusion Mask

This product has been raved about like crazy, so I finally caved in to the hype and bought it. Oh my god, this works amazingly! I have completely given up on using conditioner, so I am just using this instead. It hydrates every strand of hair, and leaves the ends of my hair feeling really soft. I have never gotten results like these in a hair products, so I am very satisfied. I usually leave this on for about 5 minutes in the shower, and it gets the job done. I think I will get a lot of use out of this this cold winter season, as my hair can tend to get a bit dry, especially at the ends. This hair mask works perfectly.

4. Favourite Skin care product: 
Clean and Clear acne control moisturizer. 

Of course, I also have changed up my moisturizer to accommodate my horrible acne prone skin lately. This moisturizer has 0.5 % salycitic acid in it, which helps produce new layers of skin, therefore drying out the layer of skin before it. This allows the pimples on your skin to dry off, and be replaced by another layer of skin in a quicker manner. This also does an excellent job at keeping my skin moisturized, as it can get a bit dry and flakey in the winter months.

So yeah, thats about it. sorry for not having too many favourites, I garuntee you more next month ;P talk to you later!


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