How to style heavy winter boots

Hey guys! So I recently got a pair of Original teddy fleece Timberland boots that I am loving! I live in Canada, so it gets *naturally* very cold over here! Especially lately! For example, today (the 7th of January) it was -40 degrees Celsius with the windchill! Crazy right? 

Anyways, I love these boots because not only are they practical, but they are very stylish. I think the wheat colour is very versatile, and just goes well with anything really, be it classic neutrals, or wild patterns. Boots like these come in pretty neutral colours, such as black and grey, and there are also more daring colours, such as a velvety burgundy, or a creme white! If you know me on a personal level, you know that I have a classic-grunge hybrid of style. I like to change up my style between sweet, classic pieces, to more grungy ones. So, I thought I would show you guys how I style my boots!

I know that "work boots" can seem a bit intimidating and clunky, but really they add so much to an outfit! This goes with a lot of other statement boots as well, such as Doc Martens, and combat boots. You can fold the front of the boot over to expose the inside liner. I know that several Doc Martens have printed liners, so you can always show that off to add a more grungy vibe to an outfit. In my case, I have a soft fleece lining, which looks super girly when folded over. This texture really can soften up any look, and it doesn't spoil any glamorous apparel. Quirky work boots can take away from the glamour of an outfit, so make sure to soften it up by folding over the liner, and exposing some girly patterns or textures. I find that the fleece goes well with pastel colours, such as my favourite pair of light washed denim jeans by Zara, and a lacy peplum top.

Of course, I am also in love with the fact that these boots really do look like work boots! Quirky footwear is the best footwear! :D These boots amp up the level of urban grunge. You can wear them with neutrals, or go crazy, and add prints. Personally, I like pairing mine with black zippered skinny jeans from Zara, and a burgundy top, particularly this fine knitted one by H&M. 

What are your favourite pair of winter boots? And how do you style them? I would love to know :D


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