Music: New Bands that I am Loving

Seeing that January is on it's final lap, I thought I would do a post talking about the new bands that I have discovered and that I am loving. I know the Grammy's is  going to be broadcasted today, but to tell you the truth I am not too into the performers and whatnot. Though I will admit I'm looking forward to Lorde's performance :D

Anyways, here are the bands that I have been loving:

1. The Temper Trap
I had heard their songs before but only briefly. For example, their hit "sweet disposition" was in 500 days of favourite movie ;P Since I was bored one day, I decided to check them out on decision I have ever made. 

The temper trap is an indie rock band with undertones of some electro pop. Their songs are very catchy and unique. I find that a lot of them are also very lighthearted and easy to listen too. If this seems like it's up your alley, you should check them out!

2. The Named and Famous

Gunna have to credit my favourite youtubers on this one, Marzia and Pewdiepie <3 A while back they went to a concert for TNAF and I really liked the songs! I listened to seriously all of their songs after that haha. I love the alternative rhythms and powerful vocals. It is seriously so tempting to just belt out your angsty emotions as you listen along. My favourite song has to be "Punching in a Dream". Damn the power in that song is amazing. 

3. Sleigh Bells

Ah yes, the infamous "crown on the ground" song ;P You may have heard it at the beginning of "The Bling Ring" (which is an amazing movie by the way). It is the ultimate bad ass song ;P Let me assure you, all of this band's songs are at the same level of bad ass. Sweet, cooing vocals match harsh, jagged beats. This is one of those bands that you either love or hate. A majority of their songs are composed of heavy noise pop, which some people can't stand...I dunno, I think it is awesome! My favourite song would have to be "comeback kid".

4. Taking Back Sunday

Gotta give the credit to another one of my favourite youtubers. Her name is Claire Marshall and she did a punk challenge with one of her friends. A song or two were by this band, and let me tell you..I got hooked. Taking back Sunday is a rock band formed in 199 (so its an older band). The rocking riffs and powerful vocals intertwine perfectly to create the perfect punk rock combination. The guitar tho....soo goood :D

Yeeaah that's all guys :D I encourage you guys to listen to some of these songs! What have you guys been loving this month? Any new band discoveries? New favourite songs? ;P Alright I'll stop bothering you guys now...time to watch the grammys :D


  1. hold up hold up! is that girl asian?! in the naked and famous. i have never seen an asian artist in the western music. e v e r. do they even exist?

    1. Lol yup. shes really good! She has this awesome alternative punk rock voice that i love. nothing "clean" or "harmonious" or anything..its kind of edgy but its so awesome! They are a good band you should check then out! :3

    2. yes i did check them out. Favorited!





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