Olson's Journey 3

Olson's Journey 3

In case you guys didn't know, this iiiis a random blog ;P I know I have mostly just posted about fashion and makeup and whatnot, but now it's time to explore the OTHER components of a random blog. So I thought, why not play a random indie game?! :D

DISCLAIMER: Me when I am playing a video game:
Too...much...can't..take it....What do I do?... How do I reload?... What am I doing?...What is life?!?

Lol, I  am not the best "gamer" out there...in fact, scary music, loud noises, and creepy things will give me a severe heart attack. Not even joking.

However, I do like playing random games, dealing with puzzles, or strategy and whatnot. I'll save scary games..for future posts...maybe....

So today I am playing this game called Olson's Journey. I haven't played it yet, but I am about to do so. I don't not know what to expect besides the fact that it is clay-mated, and the main character looks like the sad excuse for a human that a 4 year old would make using play-dough in art class.
Let's play!
(Don't mind the video..its a bit slow when it comes to loading..dammnit blogger make video uploading more efficient! ;P )

Yes I did make this on window's movie maker don't judge! Ahahah it was a short game, and I didn't do a voice over or anything so why spend all of the time and effort to make it fancy? ;P

Olson's Journey is a short strategy game in which you simply try to make it to the next "level" or "stage" so to speak by completing short puzzles and miscellaneous endeavors.
You have to solve little puzzles in order to proceed further in the game. For example, you have to break a depressed man's chair and give the broken piece to another man so that he can sit on his chair.....Aaaand you have to alter and change these mysterious boards so that folds of paper can come together and provide a safe path across an abyss that was previously un passable...sound confusing? Yeah it's hard to explain... ahaha. 

Olson's Journey is really one of those games that you need to play yourself to understand. The puzzles were hard enough to keep you guessing, but not too hard where the game play is no longer enjoyable because you are stuck on some lousy (seemingly unsolvable) puzzle.  It really was a lovely, short and sweet game, and it was very enjoyable to play.

This is the third game in the series, and you can download the game here
Music Credits: Boogie Lights -Work Drugs

(ps - a dude gets decapitated in this game ;P )


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