Winter Skincare Tips and products to use

Winter Skincare Tips and products to use by scantmeraz 

Guys. It was -35 degrees today......*tear*....
What with all of the cold weather here in Canada, I was inspired to do a short post about the Winter skincare routine that I do, and the products that I use. If you are someone like me, and you are (unfortunately) prone to acne, you have to be especially careful in the winter to not over-do it with the harsh, drying products. Try your best between balancing harsh, acne fighting products, with natural, moisturizing products. Without any further a due, lets start!

Step 1:
Make sure to moisturize your lips in the cold weather! I am not going to lie, I get pretty lazy with this step, it always seems to slip my mind ;P To try and remember more often, I like to slip one of these in my handbag, or somewhere where I am going to see it and remember to apply it. My favourite moisturizers are the ones by Burt's bees :D

Step 2:
No matter what the weather, to maintain good skin, you have to make sure that you remove all your makeup by the end of the night. DO NOT sleep with makeup on! It's facial suicide! To remove my makeup I use Bioderma. Nothing special, people rave about this product all the time, but its alright, it does the job. I dose a cotton pad in this formula and sweep it across my face in circular motions to remove any makeup. After I am done this step, I immediately wash my face.

Step 3: 
This one is obvious. Try washing your face no more than 3 times a day. I like to stick with 2 times a day if i am not wearing any makeup that day, or 3 times if I am. In the mornings, I use a moisturizing scrub (Aveeno daily moisture scrub) to gently exfoliate and moisturize, and in the evenings I use a harsher salycitic acid cleanser (Neutrogena grapefruit salycitic acid acne wash) . Every once in a while I like to exfoliate. I recommend using "Herbalism" from lush. It is marketed as a face wash, but I believe that it is too harsh and grainy to be used every day. Therefore, I stick to using it about twice a week, just to scrub off any excess skin, and promote the reproduction of skin cells.

Step 4:
It is important to use a toner. When you wash your face, you strip your skin of all the excess oils and gunk that were residing on it's surface, and in the pores. However, this process also strips away essential oils and nutrients. To balance the skin's surface, it is important to use a toner. I prefer the one by Clinique (in number 3) as it moisturizes dry areas, and dries out oily areas. It also reduces redness, hyper pigmentation, and just makes your skin look better over all. 

Step 5:
Moisturizing the rest of your body is also important during the winter. I get horribly lazy around this step too, and I can eventually get horrid dry patches of skin...let me tell you they are not pretty. To avoid this, again, try keeping a moisturizer readily available. I also like using the body butters from the body shop. The scents are tasteful, but not too strong, and the formula is very moisturizing, rather than greasy which some body butters can tend to be

Step 6: 
Besides your body, it is also important to moisturize your face. Put moisturizer on after your toner. I like this one by Neutrogena because it is ideal for combination skin.

Step 7:
Lastly, if you have any pesky breakouts, apply a generous layer of a spot treatment over them. Be sure to do this after you tone and moisturize.

There you go, pretty simple. I have been using this exact routine for over two months now and it has been working perfectly for me. My acne has faded nicely, and I do not have any dry patches on my face. Ofcourse, everyone`s face is different, so what products do you use? Any holy grail products? I would love to know :D
'Till next time!


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