Winter Trends 2014: Church and State

             Jacket:      Mango
                   Shirt:     Givenchy
     Floral Skirt:      H&M
            Leggings:      Topshop
                           Doc Martens:      uhm..Doc Martens... ;P

Winter Trends 2014: Church and State by scantmeraz 
Quick post update! Another recognizable trend this winter has definitely been the whole "church and state" phenomena. This particular style is daring and diversely unique. The clash between pure domestic grace and urban sophistication produces a wonderful masterpiece as grand as the stained glass windows adorned in churches themselves. 

The style is very elegant, yet it can prove to be quite challenging to recreate with a more "street-style" mindset. If wearing tops adorned with religious figures isn't your thing, try opting for a more conservative feel. A light flowy top tucked into a pair of practical bottoms (a long skirt, some fitted dark pants...) with a beaded necklace gives off a more professionally refined air. If you live life through graphic print, then go yourself a shirt with the virgin Mary on it! Accessorize with a grungy jacket and heavy boots for an ironic take on things, or to simply add the "state" in church and state. Or pair it with a floral skirt (like Lorde did in her cover shoot) to add innocence to the entire appeal. I believe the phrasing "church and state" is perfect when it comes to describing this whole look. Both are completely opposite ideals that shouldn't be placed in the same category..yet here we are..winter 2014..and we are daring to clash these polar opposites. This is what truly makes this trend original from anything that has ever hit the runways. 

(both left and right: Models wearing Dolce and Gabbana)
The trend made it's debut via Dolce and Gabbana's Fall/Winter collection. I believe that Lorde wore it very well on her WILD magazine cover shoot. It made the trend a lot more wearable. What do you think of it? I think it looks very unique and risky, but with the right attitude, I am sure anybody could pull it off. 

Remember what with all of these new designer collections slapping us in the face this winter, that "Fashion fades, style is eternal"- Yves Saint Laurent. Seek inspiration, style yourself according to it. Hopefully this post served as some inspiration to you :D


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