January Favourites! (2014)

Happy New Year Guys :D First Favourites Post of the year yaaay! Shout out to Sally  (check her out!), one of my best friends, who photographed and edited these pictures for me! Stepping it up a notch on itssarastyle ;)
Alright let's get started :D

Favourite Makeup Products:

1. Mac "creme cup"
Yes the cult favourite I wont spend too much time talking about it I promise ;) It is basically the best everyday nude/pink shade that you will ever need. I also use this as a "layering" colour if that makes any sense. I apply this on my lips to set the colour to a nude toned pink, and then I apply another colour over top. The pale pink brings out the vibrancy of the colour layered over top. Of course, I have been loving this colour alone to, as it just compliments the pastels of winter ever so well.

2. Smashbox Limitless Liquid Liner Pen
Yes, I may have splurged a bit on this one. I wouldn't usually spend 28 dollars on an eyeliner, but I was in the market for a new one, and I wanted to invest in a spectacular one. I was definitely not disappointed by this one from Smashbox (possibly my favourite high end brand!). The sharp felt tip pen makes application precise, and a breeze. The control from this design is impressive, and makes for efficient control. This is specifically appreciated when creating a cat eye, or winging out your liner. The formulation lasts all day. Let me tell you, when I swatched this on my hand in the store, the dark, opaque line lasted for literally four days (yes I shower! It didn't come off!) I recommend using an oil-based makeup remover to successfully eliminate any last traces of this from your eyes.

3. Physician's Formula Classic Nude Shimmer Strips

I have really liked using some of these shades this January. The well-pigmented shimmer has been readily appreciated in my eye makeup routine ;P I like to stick to matte, neutral shades on a daily basis, so a nice shimmery highlight or crease colour really adds a nice subtle change that emits a more glamourous feel. (Haha yes I use "ou''s..I'm Canadian so I spell things differently if you haven't noticed yet). The lightest highlight shade reminds me of the highlighter in the Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette, so if you aren't willing to splurge, check this little mini palette out! And can we just take a moment to appreciate the cute packaging? :D These "Shimmer Strips" come in a couple different arrangements, I got the classic nude one, but there is a more fierce bold palette, and a more subtle palette as well I believe. The colours transfer smoothly on my eyelids, I would just recommend using a primer. I also believe that the darker colours look outstanding if applied wet or with mac fix +.

4. L'oreal Colour Riche Gloss(es) 

Sticking with the sparkly theme, I also like to add a dollop of gloss on the middle of my lips in the winter months. I find that this adds more dimension to my lips, and makes them appear fuller. The formulation is hydrating, non-sticky, and long-wearing. I just find that in the colder months I tend to refer to glossier lip products because they don't melt away or get transferred on to other miscellaneous objects as much as in humid weather. I have been liking the shade 180 to swipe across my lip to darken my lip colour. The purple undertones react with the lighter pastels that I usually wear on my lips, and adds a darker twist on the outcome. Shade 580 is great especially in the center of the lid for a bit of dimension.

Favourite Songs: 
So you guys may have read my post about the bands that I have been loving, so yes I am going to feature one of their songs ;) 

1. The Naked and Famous: Kill the Littleblackdots.
Such a catchy song! It isn't one of their more famous ones, but I think it is one of my favourites from this band. The rhythm is so catchy!

2. Phoenix - Trying to be cool
I have this tendency to be reminded of certain past events whenever I listen to certain songs. Any songs from Phoenix remind me of my trip to France..Don't ask my why..maybe it's because Phoenix is composed of a bunch of French dudes..maybe because I listened to them a lot on my Ipod when I was travelling on the train from city to city...who knows? And how cool is the video? ;P

3. The 1975 -Sex
Kay, gotta mention this band before they blow up ahaha. I have noticed that a lot of people have been talking about this band recently. I remember I stumbled upon this song about two years ago on tumblr, someone just randomly posted the audio to this song, because it was their first. Now the 1975 has an entire album! However, "sex" (the EP version) is still my favourite song of all!


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