NYFW Wearable Trends (2014)

Here in Ontario, winter started early...I'm talking about snow mid-way up to your ankles by the end of November...so you can probably guess that I am more than happy to hear that Spring is almost here. :)

You guys are probably aware of the fact that the Mercedes Benz New York Fashion week is in its full bloom, and likewise, there are magnificent new trends hitting up the high street runways. I have compiled a few of my favourite trends that I find the most wearable, and likewise most easily attainable. 

1. Mint pastels

This winter, hues of pink pastel have been the main attraction. As the frozen pale atmosphere gradually changes to one with more vibrancy, the pastel trend also adapts adequately. Shades of mint and lilac pastel override the dusty rose tones that were seen this winter. I like that these fluorescent shades of pastel come in several colours that can fit one's personal tastes.

2. Boxy Cropped 

What makes this trend different from the overrated cropped tops that kids my age wear, is that these cropped tops are boxy. The roughly squared off shoulders make an an ensemble look more professional and put-together. These boxy tops can also look quirky and original if they are printed. Since these tops are so boxy, try pairing them with slim fit pants to even out your proportions. 

3.Knit sweaters

Once a winter staple, now a staple for every day of the year. A heavily knit sweater can be paired with more warm-weather-friendly bottoms, such as shorts and skirts. This is a great way to warm up if your typical spring weather isn't exactly as warm as you wish it to be. 

4. Shift Blouse

Much like the boxy cropped tops, these elbow-length sleeved tops add a more sophisticated air to any look. The variety of looks that can be made with these tops is also quite outstanding. You can play with different necklines, different patterns, statement pieces, etc.

How would you wear these NYFW trends? personally, I am loving the boxed crop tops. I am not too much of a fan of those tiny, revealing cropped tops that may as well be bras. I prefer ones that are only slightly cropped, and make up for the lack of "proper etiquette (i.e, not showing your skin)" by being more boxy instead of slimming.


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