OOTD: Winter Lace

My first OOTD Post! Oooh this is exciting :D

 It was only -2 degrees Celsius outside the day that I shot this ootd with my friend...perfect! Ahahah the problem with taking pictures of your clothes outside here in Canada is that it is fricking freezing out here...so -2 degrees was really a miracle for mid January weather!

I added a element of surprise to what would normally be a grungy take on fabrics by layering a lightly threaded sweater (from h&m) over a lacy crochet patterned scalloped collared top (from Suzy shier). The pearl-beaded collar resides comfortably over top the loose knit sweater to add a more girlish air to the ensemble. I like how the lace peeks through on the bottom as well.To neutralize all of the layered textures, I simply added some black, asymmetrically zippered jeans from Zara. Of course I had to wear my wheat coloured Timberlands to finish the look.


  1. Just saw your comment on my blog (doitsarahstyle.blogspot.com)! LOVE your blog! How funny we used the same phrasing :) Your blog is absolutely lovely and it's a pleasure to meet you :)





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