Catlateral Damage

I remember when my boyfriend showed me the pre-alpha version of this game, where everything was a dull grey and white because the developer had yet to animate it. When I saw that this game looked a little more put-together and complete, I decided to give it a shot. :) (This is still the alpha version. The developer intends to release an updated version for steam some time in the relative future) For more information, and to help him out, go here.

In this game you are a cat, and the objective is to be obnoxious and knock over as many of your owner's possessions as possible (you get points according to what objects you knock over). Basically, be a cat. What more could you ask for in a game? ;P There are three different ways to play the game:

Time Trail: Try to get 150,000 points as fast as you can.

Time Attack: Try to get 100,000 points in under 2 minutes

Free Mode: Be a cat ;P

This really is a neat little game, and it serves as a way to challenge your friends to see who can obtain the highest score ;) I can also see how this could also be interpreted as some sort of a rage game as it is quite difficult to navigate the cat as you attempt to reach the higher shelves in order to knock over books, toys, and other related paraphernalia. All in all, a great little game. Hopefully the full version will be out soon :D


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