Easy (Egg) Fried Rice Recipe

Easy (Egg) Fried Rice!

-Leftover (cooked) white rice (day old rice works better, as it has a tougher texture)
-2-3 table spoons of sesame oil
-2 eggs
-Some frozen carrots (or/and peas - thawed)
-2 Tablespoons of green onions
-Soy sauce (add as much as you prefer)

1. Set large pan on a medium heat, and add the sesame oil. Add the thawed veggies of your choice (above are just what I like to usually include), and fry until the vegetables become tender as opposed to still in a solid, frozen state.

2.Move the veggies to the side (so that they may still cook) and then crack two eggs into the opposite side of the pan (the one that doesn't have veggies in it) ;P You may chose to beat the eggs before hand, but I prefer to simply scramble them up with a spatula when I first fry them up. Once the eggs are nice and cooked, you can put the two sides together and mix the vegetables with the eggs.

3. Lastly, add the rice (it takes barely any time to cook) and stir in with the other mixtures. Add soy sauce and garnish with green onions if desired :D

Voila! Super easy!


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