February Favourites! (2014)

Favourites time!

Makeup Favourites

Unfortunately, the sample of my "they're real" mascara dried out, so I had to look for an alternative. I have heard good reviews about maybelline's collosal mascara, so likewise, I decided to give it a shot. I definitely wasn't disappointed! This mascara adds lots of length, and it did not flake on me. With some mascaras from the drugstore, I find that the formula isn't very long wearing. and as a result it doesn't hold a curl very well, or it will smear as the day progresses. This mascara didn't show any of these "symptoms" (yes, lets call them that ;) ) which is a bonus for something worth only 6 dollars. I would have preferred something a little more volumizing, but when it comes to mascaras, it is extremely difficult to have the best of both worlds.

Maybelline's Great Lash
What is it with the Maybelline products this month? ;P Now, to tell you the truth, I have no idea why they invented clear mascara. To hold a curl perhaps? To prime the lashes? Then why not just use plain mascara...I don't understand ;) However, the clear consistency works perfectly as a brow gel! If you aren't feeling up to paying 20+ dollars for a luxurious Anastasia clear brow gel, then I suggest you purchase this clear mascara. When applied. it instantly lightens up your brows (if you have filled them in that is..if you haven't..well..then you don't need this product ;p ) It also keeps your brows in place, and makes the brow powder stay all day.

Benefit's Porefessional
Sooo many people rave about this product, and I may say, it does work quite nicely. The skin coloured formulation is unlike any other primer that I have used (I am use to white primers -the norm, and green primers-to cancel redness). But this tinted formula actually does a good job at cancelling redness as well. The greasy formula worries me a bit, so I have only been using it on my nose and below my eyes (around my highlighting area where my pores are most visible). This does an amazing job at making your pores dissapear! I would say that this primer doesn't keep you as matte as my preferred Smashbox primers, yet the velvety finish just looks so pretty in the highlighting area, which is exactly where I use it.

Maybelline's Colour Whisper in "Coral Ambition"

I like to layer this colour over top the burt's bees balm. This sheers out the once coral consistency of the colour whisper. I know corals are usually seen as "summer" colours but hey...why set unnecessary boundaries? ;P I think that pale coral lips look quite nice with spring florals and pastels. The nice thing about the sheer colour is that you don't have to worry about the colour fading dramatically (like when one would wear a more dramatic, dark lip colour) and this shade would most likely compliment all skin tones.

Burts Bee's Lip Balm

A definite must have  when it comes to the dry season. Unlike a lot of other "moisturizing" lip balms, I find that the ones by Burt's Bees have the most long lasting effects. My lips are moisturized for an extended period of time, and the flavors are yummy too ;) 

Favourite Nail Polishes:
1. Sephora's colour hit
This pastel rose hue looks so sweet and girly, that I had to add this in with my February favourites ;P I definitely painted my nails a couple times with this colour to accommodate the red and pink vibes that is to be expected of February. I recommend using a white or nude base before applying this colour, as the only problem I have with this brand is the fact that it takes several coats of polish before any colour shows through. The formulation is a bit streaky, but then again, that is to be expected of light pastel polishes. And the cute colour is most definitely worth it! It is also very long-wearing. which is a plus :D

2. Revlon Nail Enamel in "electic"
This darker mint green shade looks great with a mixture of pastel apparel. It really compliments the light, and effortless air of spring clothing. And you've got to give to to Revlon for making such an affordable line of polishes that wield excellent results. In just two coats I got a highly pigmented colour, and it dries quickly as well.

Music Favourites:

Disclaimer: Im not a stoner. Not in the least bit. But omg this song...I feel people who get stoned would listen to this song ahahah is that odd to say? (ofcourse it is sara...) In my defense, the music video is pretty trippy too alright? I believe the "scientific" term for this type of genre is "60's psychedelic/space rock"...a genre that I am not accustomed with...But seriously, the melody is so soothing and calming..and very catchy. The melodic vocals are just so dreamy, I could listen to this song on repeat.
*Fun Fact* The dudes that made "Don't hug me I'm scared" made the clay-animation for the music video. The more you know

Cage the Elephant: Right Before My Eyes
Not gunna lie, I have listened to this song non-stop. The acoustic version is also pretty sweet. Not sure what is has been about this specific song, but it really has been appeasing my musical taste recently. The whole album "Thank You Happy Birthday" has just been right up my alley this month. I definitely recommend these guys :D


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