#Manicure Mondays: Spring Nails

I'm going to try to do something new here on itssarastyle...and that's....painting my nails....hey, if you know me, that is a big deal! To tell you the truth I desperately lack the initiative and extensive patience to maintain my nail's condition. I only paint my nails if I have nothing better to do, and once they start chipping, I do not remove the polish like any other civilized being, but rather, I leave the residue on my nails until it naturally dissipates. I think I still have some red polish on my toe nails from a grade nine dance...

Of course, don't expect any Picasso worthy masterpieces, be patient with me ;) 

Today I decided to do the stereotypical paint-your-ring-finger-a-different-colour-oh-yeah-so-original look. I think the pink shade suits the weather perfectly, as winter transitions into spring. I also added a bit of sparkle on my ring finger for a more luxurious look. I particularily love this formula (it's from one of O.P.I's newest collections -the Gwen Steffani one), as the individual glitter pieces reflect all of the colours on the line spectra, as opposed to a selective colour (gold reflective sparkles, blue reflective sparkles, etc). The variation of colours looks simply stunning up close.\

(O.P.I's "Lucky Lucky Lavender")

(O.P.I's "In true Steffani Style")


  1. Do you recommend this OPI brand??? I have heard a lot about it, but it is expensive.... Looking for some new polishes soon, and I might try OPI.

    1. Hello! Yes! I definitely do! Yeah, I like to buy from O.P.I when they go on sale, or like, when a store has some promotional offer (Like 2 for 15 or something). The quality is amazing, an the colours are beautiful. :)

    2. (2 for $15 dollars btw) ;P





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