Spring Inspiration.

Hey Guys! Sorry this post is pretty empty, but rest assured, be expecting a lot more OOTD's! I will like some here once I post them. But these are the things that I am looking forward to wearing!

-Light Cardigans
I'm so glad that I can finally ditch those heavy cardigans, and refer to lighter ones :D When it gets slightly chilly outside, it's nice to be able to throw on something light-weight and be set to go. It is also nice to have once of these lying around in case you need to utilize it to accommodate dress codes. In high school for example, some teachers are very peculiar about what is "school appropriate" in the summer, so it's a safe bet to simply throw a light cardi over your outfit to cover up :)

-Flat shoes
As much as I love my boots, flat shoes are my life. Yes I know, they aren't the best for your feet, so I do wear orthotics with a select few to minimize the chances of growing up with severely deformed posture. Fun stuff. My preferences would have to be Vans, and I am interested in purchasing a pair of converse, or perhaps keds. I have not made my mind up yet ;P

Do I need to explain myself?

-High waisted shorts
These just look really appealing on a lot of people. The higher waist elongated your legs, and flattens your stomach. The also have this unique retro look to them that I adore :)

-Floral Print
The best time of the year to wear this print is undoubtedly...............autumn. Jk calm down. 
I have already purchased quite a few floral printed pieces that I am looking forward to trying out 

This is what I am looking forward to wearing this spring weather, what about you guys? What are you looking forward to as Spring really springs into bloom? :D


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